Overview: What You Can Expect


Expect the Unexpected / The Big Surprise / The Bolt of Lightning Out of The Blue.


Expect the tempo of your life to increase 500% with events unfolding at a rapid clip. Expect to feel excited and electrified and wide awake. Uranus shouts: "Shake, Rattle & Roll ... The Status Quo is over, Change is on the Menu ! ".


Under "hard aspects" (conjunctions, squares, and oppositions) Uranus energy tends to be a little more disruptive. If love significators in the birthchart are being aspected, separation and divorce may ensue.


Uranus energy flips us over ... reverses current life conditions ... turns them upside down. The poor suddenly become rich and vice-versa (yes, Uranus rules Lotteries). The confirmed bachelor has a sudden marriage and someone in a seemingly "solid marriage" goes through a break-up (Uranus rules earthquakes).


Another characteristic of Uranus energy: Raw Truth. The truth that is lying just below the threshold of consciousness, that you are not facing ... or ... would rather not face. Example: the husband or wife that suspects Infidelity but represses it because they have no concrete proof. Under a Uranus hit they may suddenly come face to face with irrefutable evidence.


The details behind the unfolding Uranian Events totally depend on how Uranus is configured in the Birth Chart: the house it's placed in, the house it rules, and the kinds of aspects (trines, sextiles, conjunctions, squares, oppositions, inconjuncts) it makes to other planets in the Nativity.


Thus Uranus transiting natal Venus (for example) is totally dependent on the Venus/Uranus aspects in the Natal Chart. The transiting configuration must be blended with the Natal Configuration to get a clear and accurate picture.