1.Knowledge of the truth of existence   2. Direct communion with the Divine   3. Union with the Divine while still on earth   4. Being an

instrument of the Divine Will   5. Fulfilling the Promise: "Thy Will Be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven" ( As Above ... So Below ).



The "Anointed of God" is within you. Union is attained not through the intellect, but through the Heart. This is the power of God in you.

Are you living from the Heart ? Are you doing what you Love ? Do you know exactly who you are ? Are you aware of all that is hidden

in you ? Or are you committing spiritual suicide through jobs, relationships, and activities that you are not compatible with ?


Every being who walks this earth arrived here with a purpose to fulfill ... a task that needs to be completed, both for the benefit of

humanity and personal advancement. Discovering why you are here and exactly who you are brings you one step closer to the ultimate life goal of Union with the Divine. This is a profound spiritual and psychological transformation: The Higher Self / Holy Spirit / Shekinah /

Divinity within fully awakens and gains ascendency over the lower self (ego). Once this occurs the Holy Blood flows to renew, revive, and

regenerate. The Holy Blood has nothing to do with earthly bloodlines as recent pop literature would have you believe. The true definition

is as follows: Electro-magnetic force (Light) which carries the genetic code, the DNA, of Divinity. It is available to all, and enables you to

automatically live through the Heart and act in harmony with Divine Will: a true co-creator with the Godhead.









Until You Make The

         Unconscious ... Conscious,

               It Will Direct Your Life ...

                    And You Will Call It ...

                                            " Fate "


                                       Carl Jung


      Yourself ...

              Is The


              Of All

      Wisdom ...




Whoever Has Self Knowledge ...

              The World Cannot Contain Them ...

                                  Jesus of Nazareth

                                          Gnostic Gospels