Pluto In Transit

Overview: What You Can Expect

Pluto turns planetary energies on "High". Expect an intensification of whatever the planetary energy being transited represents.  On the

Sun: ambition is intensified; on Venus: passion and obsession; on Mercury: deep and intense research into "forbidden" subjects.

The experience of Pluto is often felt to be "fatalistic". We encounter circumstances over which we have no control. Often events occur that intrude upon our lives and render us powerless. There is nothing we can do except put our faith in God.


Pluto rules both the underworld in our society and the dark side of the unconscious in us: the place where we have repressed the hurt, pain and outrage of our traumatic experiences. Expect the "resurrection" of old emotions, events, places and people of the past. Events in the present will occur that serve to reactivate those elements for the purpose of purging and healing. If left unhealed, mental and emotional poisons will eventually react upon the body creating tumors, cysts and inflammations.

Deaths may occur under Pluto: both physical and metaphorical. This energy will close a major chapter in our lives and clear the decks to start a whole new book.