Neptune In Transit

Overview: What You Can Expect

If Neptune is making harmonious aspects it heightens all Spiritual, Creative , Romantic and Artistic pursuits. Expect to become aware of the Oneness of all creation, the dissolving of boundaries between Self and others, a desire to "let go" and merge with the Divine. The Neptune vibration will bring experiences which serve to deepen the emotional nature and increase empathy and compassion. In the Love Life we meet people "we have known before" and have the experience of Soul Union with the love object.

When the aspects from transiting Neptune are inharmonious, depending on the planetary energy it impacts, we can expect the following: a dissatisfaction with the things of this world and an intense desire to escape. Confusion, illusion and deception (both self deception and deception from others) are common. Believing something is totally true when it is not (the False Guru). Savoir/Victim relationships

with those who have substance abuse problems or are totally unworthy. Experiencing a "loss of control" and escaping into drugs, alcohol, nicotine or overeating.  Sudden allergy flare-ups. Ego defeats, low energy,  discouragement and disillusionment. The experience of being "swindled".

The best way to deal with this energy: "Escape" along positive lines. Positive Neptunian pursuits include:

the theater, motion pictures, art, poetry, dancing, walking in nature, mysticism, prayer, yoga, meditation, romantic or magical literature, travel.