Louise Daniele -

Astrologer & Psychic






RELATIONSHIPS: A deep psychological view of you and your love interest as well as individual relationship potential. What do both of you need in love ? What are you attracted to in a partner or repulsed by ? What are the strengths of the relationship you share and potential areas of conflict ? Parental and early environmental influences are also explored. Most importantly, a Composite Chart will be calculated which determines the destiny between you, and depicts what will most likely eventuate down the road. Are you both growing toward greater intimacy or ultimately separation ?


BIRTH CHART ANALYSIS: ( NATAL CHART ) We are on this Earth plane to grow and transform to a higher level of being. We begin this process with intense self-awareness: all that is conscious, all that is unconscious. Your birthchart depicts the following: your anima and animus ( the male and female within you ), parents, heredity and early home environment, the state of the soul at the moment of incarnation as well as the higher self you need to reach for ( divine aspect ). It's a map of the cumulative results of past life experiences and the new areas of growth that are needed to bring the psyche into balance. All these areas are critical because character becomes destiny but

the power of mind is forever the builder. Once the inherent character ( thoughts, beliefs and attitudes ) are transformed and brought to a higher level, the destiny you attract and create will also be transformed.


THE YEAR AHEAD:  The "Hand of Cards" that will be dealt to you over the next 12 months and how your response to those events will determine outcomes. Based on your inherent character we will discuss how you've played those cards in the past. Did you attain the results you desired ? What are the choices available to you and the probable outcomes ? We will also analyze the aspects of your psyche that are being activated by unfolding events and the opportunities for growth being presented.